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Doctor Couple Sentenced For 5-year Imprisonment For Criminal Negligence

A district court has sentenced a doctor couple, S.C. Saraswat, and his wife, Usha Saraswat, for gross medical negligence after a 12-year long legal battle near Agra, UP.  Reportedly, the victim, Rajeshwari, developed some fever while she was pregnant.  The doctor couple examined the patient in their nursing home and believed that the fever was caused due to her pregnancy and decided to remove her uterus altogether.  The patient’s condition worsened as she continued to lose blood.  Eventually, the patient was shifted to another hospital where although the doctors were able to save the patient’s life, it left her with permanent disability.  While PBT is still waiting for a complete copy of the judgment, the incidence underscores once again that contrary to the erroneous belief of many police stations around the country that no criminal case can be lodged against any doctor under any condition, criminal cases may be successfully lodged against any physician for causing death or permanent injury of a patient from gross medical negligence (see the news below).

Business Standard (Dec. 2, 2012) 5-yr imprisonment

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