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Justice After 23 Years: Top Mumbai Doctor Spends Night In Jail For Criminal Negligence

In a major development in the annals of Indian medico-legal history, a top-notch cancer surgeon and winner of Padma Bhushan award, Dr. Praful Desai, was criminally convicted and spent one night in jail and also paid Rs. 50,000 fine for causing death of wife of 84-year old retired IAS officer, P.C. Singhi.  Dr. Desai caused death of Singhi’s wife in 1989 after he performed wrongful surgery with follow-up erroneous treatment.  After fighting for 23 years during which the case went to Bombay High Court and even the Supreme Court, Singhi eventually made history when Dr. Desai accepted a token jail sentence for 1 day earlier this month.  This historic case should set a new precedent for criminal negligence by Indian doctors and it should bring a new ray of hope for the hapless victims of medical negligence in India (see the story published in HINDU below)

Hindu (Nov. 29, 2012)

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