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Dr. Ketan Desai Claims PBT President Has Filed Lawsuits Because Of “Personal Grudge” And To “Get Even”

Dr. Ketan Desai, disgraced ex-MCI chief, has filed an affidavit in Gujarat High Court (HC) claiming that PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, has a “personal grudge” against him since 1998 following the death of his wife, Anuradha Saha, due to medical negligence by some Kolkata doctors.  Dr. Desai has further stated in an affidavit in response to a case filed by PBT against Gujarat Medical Council (GMC) to enforce  cancellation of Desai’s medical license as decided in 2010 by MCI that because he was the MCI president in 1998, Dr. Saha is now trying to “get even” (see the affidavit filed by Dr. Desai in Gujarat HC below).

Ironically, Dr. Saha filed complaints against the Kolkata doctors before the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) because the doctors who were responsible for Anuradha’s death were registered with the state medical council and not MCI.  The WBMC acquitted the doctors through a botched up investigation in 2002 following which Dr. Saha moved the MCI with an appeal against the WBMC decision only after 2002.  Dr. Desai was removed from the MCI in 2001 by Dehil HC on charges of corruption.  Thus, there is no question for Dr. Saha to harbor any “personal grudge”  against Dr. Desai for the wrongful death of his wife.

Even more shockingly, Dr. Desai has also claimed that his license to practice medicine was cancelled by MCI on October 9, 2010 as a result of a collusion between Dr. Saha and members of the new MCI (Board of Governors) after the previous MCI was dissolved in 2010 Dr. Desai’s arrest by the CBI in 2010.  Despite MCI’s direction for cancellation of Dr. Desai’s medical registration on ground of “professional misconduct” more than two years ago, GMC which was headed by Dr. Desai himself until at least December, 2010, has still refused to take any action against Dr. Desai (see the news in TOI below)

Ketan Desai Response (Guj HC-LPA 498) Aug. 2012

TOI (Aug. 20, 2012)

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