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Final Hearing In Anuradha Saha Death Case Postponed Once Again In Supreme Court

The final hearing in the case for the wrongful death of Anuradha Saha did not take place in the Supreme Court of India on Tuesday (July 10, 2012), as previously scheduled, because the presiding judge, Justice Mr. B.S. Chauhan, was sitting in a different bench which was hearing the final argument in the well-known “Bombay-blast” case of 1990s.  After Senior Advocate, Mr. M.N. Krishnamani, pleaded before the Apex Court on Tuesday on behalf of Anuradha’s husband Dr. Kunal Saha that this case should be taken up on a priority basis since there was a previous direction for expeditious hearing of this matter and that Dr. Saha had already come to Delhi to participate in the final argument (since the case was previously scheduled to be heard on July 10, 2012), Supreme Court said that they can only take up this matter after the conclusion of the “Bombay-blast” case.  It is not clear how long the final argument in the “Bombay-blast” case may continue as it was one of the major incidences of terrorism in Indian history where the appeals from a host of accused terrorists (including famed film actor Sanjay Dutt) are involved.  Anuradha’s hapless husband will now have to wait in India coming all the way from his permanent residence in Columbus, Ohio for his final day for justice.

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