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“Doctors’ Day”: PBT Seeks Answers From Indian Medical Association (IMA) About Dr. Ketan Desai

July 1 is always celebrated by Indian medicos as “doctors’ day”  to commemorate the birth anniversary and legacy of the legendary physician Dr. Bidhan Roy.  Apart from being a skilled medical doctor, Dr. Roy was also known to be an honest person who always felt for the patients.  Unfortunately, public image about the medical community has plummeted over the years for various reasons including exposure of rampant corruption in the Medical Council of India (MCI) as their president, Dr. Ketan Desai, was caught red-handed by the CBI while taking bribe from a private medical college in April, 2010.  Ironically, the disgraced MCI head, Dr. Desai, was also the president of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) when he was nabbed by the CBI.  PBT has already filed several cases against Dr. Desai and corruption in the healthcare system.  To honour the visionary and humanitarian message of late Dr. Bidhan Roy, PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha has sought answers to some simple questions to the present IMA leaders in regard to Dr. Desai:

1) Is it true that there is a suit in the IMA building in Delhi which is dedicated/reserved (officially or unofficially) in the name of Dr. Ketan Desai where he frequently spends/spent time?

2) Is it true that IMA hosted/participated in a big party at IMA building in Delhi on October 7, 2010 welcoming Dr. Ketan Desai to celebrate his release (on bail) from the Tihar Jail in October, 2010?

3) Does Dr. Ketan Desai still hold a post or membership in IMA after his arrest by CBI and even after MCI suspended his medical registration on October 9, 2010?

4) Has IMA ever taken any resolution condemning Dr. Ketan Desai following his arrest by CBI on April 22, 2010?

5) Despite many doctors frequently claiming that corruption by a single rotten apple in IMA (Dr. Desai) does not necessarily mean that all doctors are bad, why IMA (or other medical groups) never stood up in demand for justice against Dr. Ketan Desai either before any court of law, medical council or even before the public at large?

Will IMA come forward to answer these simple questions honestly to bring justice for the hapless patients of India who have been robbed for decades by Dr. Desai and his medical cronies?

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