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Doctors’ Strike: Apex Court Issues Notice To IMA, Expects Doctors Would Not Join The Strike

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In response to a urgent public interest litigation (PIL) filed by PBT, Supreme Court division bench of Justices Mr. H.L. Gokhale and Mrs. G.S. Misra has issued notice today against Indian Medical Association (IMA) that called the nation-wide “doctors’ strike” today. The Apex Court has also expressed an expectation that doctors would desist from joining “doctors’ strike” (see SC Order below).  Ironically, many IMA doctor-leaders have claimed victory today that doctors all over India  joined their call for “doctors’ strike” and shut down many hospitals and nursing homes.

While PBT has expressed support with some of the legitimate claims against the government made by the IMA and other medical groups including government’s mindless proposal to produce “half-baked” doctors through the truncated BRHC course, doctors have no moral or legal right to settle their personal grievances against the government by holding the hapless patients at ransom by joining “doctors’ strike”.  The IMA must furnish their response within 4 weeks time when this writ petition will come up for hearing.

SC Order (June 25, 2012)

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