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PBT Pleads IMA and Indian Doctors Not To Join “Doctors’ Strike” On Monday (June 25)

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PBT makes an earnest plea to all doctors of India and leaders of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) not to start the proposed nation-wide “doctors’ strike” on Monday (June 25, 2012).  A PIL filed by PBT before the Supreme Court of India against the proposed “doctors’ strike”  will be taken up as the very first case by a specially constituted bench of Hon’ble Justices Mr. H.K. Gokhale and Mrs. G.S. Misra as the very first case at 10:30 AM tomorrow (June 25, 2012).  PBT urges all doctors not to join the “doctors’ strike” until at least the Apex Court makes a decision on our PIL at 10:30 AM on Monday.

As this PIL has enumerated, PBT has no qualm with the legitimate accusations that members of the medical community might have against the Indian government.  PBT will be pleased to join hands with the IMA and other medical groups in their quest for fair treatment by the health ministry.  In fact, PBT had already joined with IMA and tried to intervene before Delhi High Court in 2010 challenging the introduction of the mindless “Bachelor of Rural Healthcare” (BRHC) course by the government.  Protest against the BRHC course is one of the main purposes for the proposed “doctors’ strike” called by IMA.  But doctors should not go on a strike disrupting essential hospital services under any condition by holding the hapless patients at ransom .  The nation-wide “doctors’ strike” on Monday will undoubtedly further erode public trust on our healers.

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