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PBT Urges Health Minister To Take Preemtive Measures Until Supreme Court Rules On “Doctors’ Strike” On Monday (June 25, 2012)

Supreme Court of India has posted the urgent public interest litigation (PIL) filed by PBT against nation-wide “doctors’ strike” by Indian Medical Association (IMA) for hearing at 10:30 AM on Monday (June 25, 2012) after one of the judges (Justice Mrs. R.P. Desai) recused herself from hearing the case yesterday because her close relative is a member of IMA (see news below).  The unprecedented “doctors’ strike” called by IMA which is likely to cripple medical services in hospitals across India bringing endless misery and death for numerous patients is also scheduled on Monday (June 25).  In view of this emerging situation that may have great implications on life and death for countless patients all over India, PBT has written to the Health Minister, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, seeking his urgent intervention in this matter.  PBT has requested the government to take 4 preemptive measures to prevent the catastrophe as a result of the proposed “doctors’ strike” on Monday including:

1)  Issue urgent notice to all hospitals so that doctors do not boycott medical services until at least the Hon’ble Supreme Court delivers a final order about the “doctors’ strike” on Monday morning.

2)  Implement a suitable plan for immediate transmission of the order/direction passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court on Monday morning to all hospitals.

3)  Establish a contingency plan in all hospitals so that no patient is denied essential medical services as a result of the “doctors’ strike” on Monday.

4)  Direct MCI and all State Medical Councils to take exemplary disciplinary action suo motu against the doctors who deny medical therapy to the patients by joining the proposed “doctors’ strike” on Monday in clear violation of the MCI “Code of Ethics and Regulations” as enumerated in the PIL.

We hope that Health Ministry will take these preemptive measures.  We also hope that IMA will come to their senses and withdraw the nation-wide “doctors’ strike” on Monday to save the lives of innocent patients across India.

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