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Supreme Court Will Sit Tomorrow (June 22, 2012) Only To Hear PBT’s PIL Against Nation-wide “Doctors’ Strike” On Monday (June 25, 2012) Called By Indian Medical Association (IMA)

The Supreme Court of India (SC) will sit tomorrow (Friday) only to hear a single writ petition (PIL) filed by PBT to stop the nation-wide “doctors’ strike” on Monday (June 25) called by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to protest against the government.  In a rare display, the entire Apex Court Causelist as shown in SC website for June 22, 2010 shows only a single case, People for Better Treatment vs. Indian Medical Association & Ors, before Hon’ble Justices Mr. H.L. Gokhale and Mrs. R.P. Desai, the only bench sitting during the summer vacation in the Apex Court (see below). Doctors have no right to go on a strike holding the defenseless patients at ransom.  As our writ petition shows (published yesterday on our website), “doctors’ strike” even in a single state routinely causes havoc in the hospitals and results in the loss of numerous innocent patients’ lives.  IMA’s call for an unprecedented country-wide “doctors’ strike” on Monday is likely to cause massive disruption in hospital services and loss of countless human lives across India, most from the poor families who are unable to afford the expensive treatment in private hospitals.  Hapless patients will wait with bated breath for the Apex Court hearing on Friday.

SC List (June 22, 2012)


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