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PIL Filed Against Gujarat University To Remove Dr. Ketan Desai From University Senate

PBT has filed a new writ petition in Gujarat High Court against Gujarat University (GU) Chancellor (who is also the Governor of Gujarat) and Dr. Ketan Desai seeking to remove Dr. Desai from GU Senate (see below).  The disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Desai, managed to bet himself elected to the GU Senate as a medical graduate even after he was caught red-handed by CBI for taking bribe and after his medical registration was cancelled indefinitely by MCI (as a result of complaint from PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha).  Dr. Desai’s election to the GU Senate in December 2010 while he was free on bail was nothing but a botched up election which was controlled by Dr. Desai and his medical cronies as no other doctor even contested for the Senate seat.  PBT filed moved a PIL before Gujarat HC raising the obvious question that how a man whose medical registration has already been cancelled by MCI can contest in the Senate for a seat which is reserved only for medical graduates?

After Gujarat HC dismissed the said PIL on the ground that since president of PBT was a non-resident Indian (NRI), he may have no right to do charitable work for the people of India, PBT moved an appeal before the Supreme Court.  The Apex Court disposed of this matter on February 10, 2012 giving “liberty” to PBT to approach the GU authority seeking the relief against Dr. Desai.  Accordingly, PBT filed an application with the GU Chancellor, Hon’ble Governor of Gujarat, drawing her urgent attention to remove Dr. Desai from GU Senate.  Unfortunately, despite repeated reminders, GU Chancellor remained completely silent prompting PBT to file this new writ petition before Gujarat HC.  This matter is expected to come up for admission hearing within the next two week.  Meanwhile, a separate PIL filed against Gujarat Medical Council (GMC) for their deliberate attempt to protect Dr. Desai is already pending before Gujarat HC in which the court has already issued notices to GMC and Dr. Desai.  This PIL is listed for hearing on Monday (June 25, 2012)

Guj. Univ. (PIL) June 2012

Annexure-B (SC Order, Feb. 2012)

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