“Patients’ Day” Rally is Attacked by Hooligans : PBT Demands Justice from Mamta Banerjee

In a shocking display that underscores the deplorable condition of law and order in West Bengal, a group of rowdy hooligans attacked the peaceful public demonstration organized by PBT to celebrate “Patients’ Day” (Rogi Divas) in front of AMRI Hospital in Kolkata (see news below).  “Patients’ Day” is celebrated every year on May 28 to highlight patients’ rights and to demand justice for all victims of medical negligence.  In view of the horrific fire that killed at least 90 innocent patients in AMRI Hospital last December, this year’s “Patients’ Day” was organized in front of the AMRI Hospital.  Supporters and members of PBT including many victims of the AMRI Hospital fire gathered with banners expressing their demands for justice when a group of ruffians stormed into the public rally with abusive language against the victims.  They also tore away many of the banners posted by PBT supporters/members.  PBT lodged an FIR with the local police station (Lake Thana).  We call upon the West Bengal chief minister and health minster, Mamta Banerjee, for her immediate intervention in this deplorable episode and exemplary punishment of the hooligans.

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