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MCI is Reluctant to Provide Information About Investigation of Complaints Against Doctors: PBT Moves Central Information Commission Seeking Exemplary Punishment

PBT has filed a petition today with the Central Information Commission (CIC) seeking exemplary punishment against the Medical Council of India (MCI) that has blatantly violated CIC’s direction to post relevant information about investigation of complaints against doctors on MCI’s website by April 1, 2012 (see PBT’s application below).  On Feb. 13, 2012, CIC passed a final order in response to an appeal filed by Mr. S.P. Manchanda (a member and devout supporter of PBT whose daughter died from gross medical negligence by doctors at Max Hospital in Delhi) directing MCI to post information about pending complaints against doctors (including minutes of the MCI meetings) on their website by April 1, 2012.  Like most other medical councils dealing with the complaints of medical negligence or ethical violations by Indian doctors, MCI continued to delay the investigation of the complaint filed by Mr. Manchanda.  But even after CIC passed a categorical order directing MCI to post detail information about the pending complaints against doctors on their website by April 1, 2012 for better transparency, MCI has refused to comply with the CIC order.  Repeated calls by PBT to obtain information from MCI in this matter remained unsuccessful.

One wonders why MCI is reluctant to disclose information about their closed-door meetings and investigation of complaints against their medical colleagues.  Even during the era of rampant corruption in MCI under the leadership of the disgraced Dr. Ketan Desai, at least the minutes of ethical committee meetings were regularly posted on the MCI website.  This practice for transparency and better public knowledge has been stopped after MCI was dissolved in 2010 (following the arrest of Dr. Ketan Desai) and new Board of Governors (BOG) took over the charge of MCI.  PBT will move a new PIL before appropriate forum unless CIC takes the necessary steps and compels MCI to put up information about their ongoing investigations as well as reports of inspection of medical colleges on their website without further delay.  Justice should not only be done, it must also seen to be done.

CIC Appeal (April, 2012)

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