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MCI Secretary Sacked: Corruption Continues in the Highest Medical Regulatory Body Even After Ketan Desai

In another shameful display of the continued corruption inside the Medical Council of India (MCI), MCI secretary, Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, who was appointed following the arrest of the disgraced ex-MCI president Dr. Ketan Desai in 2010, was removed by the health ministry today (see news below).  It is reported that Dr. Sharma was blocking CBI investigation of the corruption within MCI.  Dr. Sharma was a controversial figure even before she was chosen as the MCI secretary by the members of the previous “Board of Governors” (BOG).  Serious charges of financial irregularities were labelled against Dr. Sharma during her tenure as the purchase officer at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHABAS) in Delhi.  In fact, Dr. Sharma faced CBI investigation before her appointment as the secretary of MCI.  The obvious question is that why a controversial figure like Dr. Sharma was chosen as MCI secretary in the first place?  Even after rampant corruption within MCI by Dr. Ketan Desai and his cronies was exposed, government replaced MCI leaders with other tainted characters.  PBT also lodged a complaint against the appointment of Dr. Sharma but the previous BOG headed by Dr. S.K. Sarin ignored our complaint and appointed Dr. Sharma as the MCI secretary.

Earlier last year, Dr. Sharma was forced to resign from her post of MCI secretary only to withdraw the resignation a few days later seemingly after making deal with the present BOG.  MCI has shown hardly any urge to stop corruption.  While Dr. Desai is still facing a criminal investigation by the CBI, the present leaders of MCI have done little to bring justice in this matter that has brought endless shame for all doctors of Indian origin.  In fact, Dr. Desai has already been nominated “unopposed” as a member of the Gujarat University Senate paving his way to return to the MCI.  Although MCI directed the Gujarat Medical Council (GMC) to cancel Dr. Desai’s medical registration (after PBT lodged a complaint in 2010), the GMC, with Dr. Desai as its president until recently, simply ignored MCI’s direction allowing Dr. Desai to continue practice even today.  While PBT has moved public interest litigations (PILs) before Supreme Court and High Courts to stop Dr. Desai, MCI has remained merely as a silent spectator all this time clearly underscoring that the rot in the MCI is still continuing unabated.  Unfortunately, only the innocent patients will have to pay the heavy price for this deep-rooted corruption in MCI.

CNN-IBN (MCI News) March 31, 2012

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