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AMRI Hospital Director Gets Bail From Calcutta High Court: PBT Objects For “Apperance of Bias”

In a decision that shocked many of the victims’ families who suffocated to death in the recent fire at the AMRI hospital in Kolkata, a division bench of Justices Mr. Asim Roy and Mr. Tarun Gupta granted bail yesterday to Mr. R.S. Agarwal, director of the hospital.  Mr. Balai Ray, a senior advocate and ex-advocate general of West Bengal, appeared on behalf of the AMRI hospital and argued to defend Mr. Agarwal before the High Court.  Ironically, Justice Mr. Asim Roy worked as a junior advocate under Mr. Ray for many years until he was nominated to be a Judge of the Calcutta High Court few years ago.  As Supreme Court has repeatedly suggested that a judge should not participate in a case that may create an “appearance of bias” in the minds of other people which may shake public confidence in the administration of the justice delivery system even if the judge remains completely honest and impartial.  Justice should not only be done, it must also be seen to be done.  PBT has already brought this important aspect in the case against AMRI hospital to the attention of the Calcutta High Court (see the news below).

Indiablooms News (Feb. 18, 2012)

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