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MCI Directed To Furnish Information About Pending Complaints Against Negligent Doctors On The Web

In a major decision that may have important implications on fair investigation of complaints against the errant doctors, the Central Information Commission (CIC) has passed an Order directing the Medical Council of India (MCI) to furnish all information about complaints received and status of investigation on the MCI website (see the CIC Order below).  The CIC decision comes from an RTI Application filed by Mr. S.P. Manchanda, who is a devout PBT member and also the regional coordinator for PBT in the Delhi area.  Mr. Manchanda himself is a victim of the abysmal condition in the MCI and other state medical councils.   Mr. Manchanda’s daughter died from gross medical negligence by several doctors at the Max Hospital in Delhi but MCI has been stalling the investigation of his complaint against the doctors who were responsible for his daughter’s untimely death.  In fact, MCI has stopped providing information about their investigation behind closed doors for all victims who have approached the MCI seeking justice.  Ironically, even during the era when MCI was run by the disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai and his cronies, information about investigation of complaints were regularly put on the MCI website.  Rather than becoming more honest and transparent, the new MCI Board of Governors decided to stop providing any information about pending complaints against their medical colleagues.  As PBT has repeatedly stressed on the government, until the medical councils in India are made as an honest and impartial body, the shabby standard of healthcare in India is not likely to change.  The decision by CIC to put information about pending complaints against errant medicos will undoubtedly help to bring more transparency and fairness in the quest for justice by the hapless victims of medical negligence.

CIC Order for MCI (RTI Info) Feb. 2012

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