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AMRI Hospital Fire: Doctors’ Groups Attack Mamta Banerjee For Arresting Two Of Their Medical Colleagues

Two veteran doctors, Mani Chetri and Pranab Dasgupta, who were running the function of the AMRI hospital as managing directors until last December when more than 90 patients perished in a blazing fire, were arrested by Bengal government last week for their role in this unprecedented medical calamity.  Until now, only the AMRI Board of Directors, none of whom is a medical man, were arrested and charged with this horrific criminal incidence.  No sooner Bengal chief minister, Mamta Banerjee, displayed some courage and arrested two members of the medical community, doctors’ lobbies across West Bengal including the Indian Medical Association (IMA) have erupted in strong protest putting pressure on the chief minister. Should our healers always stay above the law?  Despite shocking stories of medical negligence appearing in the news almost on a daily basis these days, hardly any doctor is found guilty for malpractice either by the court or through their peers in the medical councils for reasons that are known to all.  Dr. Chetri and Dr. Dasgupta were arrested for their administrative failure and not for wrongful therapy.  But even then, powerful members of the Bengal medical fraternity joined hands together to send a threatening signal to the new chief minister – no matter how many innocent patients’ lives are lost needlessly due to the reckless attitude by the hospitals/doctors, our healers must be allowed to maintain their “untouchable” status (see below an article published today in Rediff).

Rediff (Feb. 2, 2012) AMRI Fire and IMA

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