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PBT Files New Case Against Gujarat Medical Council Seeking Cancellation of Dr. Ketan Desai’s License

PBT has filed a new appeal before the Gujarat High Court against the Gujarat Medical Council (GMC) that has refused to cancel the medical registration of disgraced ex-head of Medical Council of India (MCI), Dr. Ketan Desai (see copy of the appeal below). After PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha lodged a formal complaint following the arrest of Dr. Desai (for taking bribe) by the CBI on April 22, 2010, the MCI directed the GMC to cancel Dr. Desai’s medical license. But GMC which was under total control of Dr. Desai where he remained as the president even after the CBI arrest, refused to take any step against Dr. Desai. Thus, despite a direct order from MCI more than one year ago, Dr. Desai’s medical registration has remained intact. A PIL filed by PBT was dismissed by a single-bench judge of Gujarat High Court earlier this year on the ground that MCI should take appropriate action against GMC for not following their order. Even the MCI appears to have lost interest to implement the order and cancel the license of Dr. Desai. The new appeal by PBT highlights these pertinent points and seeks immediate cancellation of Dr. Desai’s medical registration. The matter is likely to come before the court early in January, 2012.

Guj. HC Appeal (Dec. 2011)

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