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Seeking Justice in AMRI Hospital Fiasco: All Fire Victims and Victims of Medical Negligence are Invited to Join PBT at “Academy of Fine Arts” in Kolkata on 30th December, 2011

Two weeks since almost 100 defenseless patients perished in a massive fire at the AMRI Hospital in Kolkata, equitable justice for the victims’ families is still a far cry. While the Bengal government has put six wealthy and unscrupulous AMRI Board of Directors temporarily behind bar, each victim’s family has been assured a meager Rs. 5 lakh for the loss of life of their loved one. PBT sent a memorandum to the Bengal chief minister and health minister, Ms. Mamta Banerjee, on the day of this horrific disaster demanding a speedy, transparent investigation and to pay at least Rs. 50 lakh compensation to the family of each of the victim who died and Rs. 20 lakh to those who were seriously injured as a result of this human tragedy (see the news below). Unfortunately, nobody from the government has responded to our demand more than two weeks later. PBT is planning to move a public interest litigation (PIL) before the Calcutta High Court unless the government takes imminent and appropriate steps to deliver justice.

PBT will celebrate its 10th Anniversary at the “Academy of Fine Arts” (Conference center) in Kolkata at 5 PM on 30th December, 2011 (Friday). All victims of the recent AMRI Hospital disaster and victims of “medical negligence” are cordially invited to attend this program to raise our voice together seeking justice. Dr. Kunal Saha, PBT President, will also be present on this occasion as he is now in India to attend the CBI trial probing a historic bribery and corruption case against the Supreme Court of India. You can contact PBT main office in Kolkata (Tel: 9038083120/9831983670). You can also try to contact Dr. Saha directly at his local Delhi cell phone at 9958744305.

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