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PBT’s PIL: Supreme Court Issues Notice Against “Doctors’ Strike”

Supreme Court division bench headed by chief justice of India (CJI), K.H. Kapadia, has issued notice yesterday to the Union Government and Medical Council of India (MCI) on a historic public interest litigation (PIL) filed by the PBT seeking response why the doctors who frequently resort to “strike” putting the lives of defenseless patients in danger would not be punished for violation of medical ethics (see the News below). PBT filed this writ petition in view of the “doctors’ strikes” that frequently cripple hospital services including emergency medical services. “Doctors’ strike” brings untold amount of misery and death to the innocent patients – mostly the poor patients who are unable to attend the expensive medical services in private hospitals. Doctors have no moral or legal right to go on a “strike” and to deny life-saving therapy from the innocent patients which is also clearly mandated under the MCI “Code of Ethics and Regulations”. Reports of patients dying as a result of “doctors’ strike” appear on a regular basis in India. While PBT supports the legitimate demands for the members of the medical community, doctors should use other democratic procedures (e.g. public demonstration) to claim their rights from the government. Like the trade union workers, our healers should not join “doctors’ strike” holding the hapless patients at ransom.

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