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Children Continue to Die in Kolkata: PBT Demands Immediate Disclosure of Medical Records from Mamta Banerjee

Large numbers of children have continued to die from alleged medical negligence over the past week in B.C. Roy Children’s Hospital and Burdwan General Hospital in West Bengal. The state government has denied all charges of malpractice and claimed that the deaths of these children were “unavoidable” after a hurried internal investigation by a three-member committee behind closed doors. The new Trinomul-Congress coalition government seems to be following the foot-steps of the Left-front government to shield the powerful members of the medical community without caring for the lives of the innocent patients in West Bengal. PBT has fought against the pervasive corruption that prevailed during the decades long Left-front ruling in West Bengal and has vouched to fight the new Mamta Banerjee’s government until they take appropriate action against the errant doctors and bring justice for the hapless victims of medical negligence (see the news in Indian Express below). PBT has sent an urgent memorandum to the chief minister Mamta Banerjee, who is also holding the post of health minister, for immediate disclosure of the detail investigation reports and complete medical records of the deceased children for independent investigation by outside and neutral physicians (see the news below).
Indian Express (Oct 30, 2011) BC Roy Hospital

TOI (Oct. 29, 2011) Children deaths

News (Oct 29, 2011) BC Roy Hospital

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