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Announcing PBT Coordinators; State Contacts for Kerala & UP

In our ongoing effort to build the PBT organization we are happy to announce the following state contacts and co-ordinators. If you are interested in volunteering for PBT, please visit our volunteer page.

Ms. Premila – PBT Co-Ordinator

She will be responsible for overall co-ordination across various PBT volunteers & victims. She will ensure that victims are put in touch with the right PBT resources & volunteer who can help. She will also co-ordinate with the various state contacts in ensuring they are maximizing the impact they can have on the issue.

Premila got passionate about the issue of medical negligence after a close friend of hers became a victim. By getting involved in PBT she wants to fulfill her desire to give back to society and also make a difference in the lives of those who have lost someone for negligence. She is a homemaker and lives with her husband and 2 kids in Chennai. See contact details.

Mr. Sudhir Kumar Srivastava – Uttar Pradesh State Contact

As state contact of UP, Sudhir will help and counsel the victims of medical negligence in UP. He will also take up the issues relevant to medical negligence with the right authorities in UP. You can see the responsibilities of a state contact here.

Sudhir lost his wife just a year ago due to the medical negligence. After his wife’s death, he educated himself on where the doctor was negligent and was able to prove it with the UP medical council and got the doctor suspended. He is a banker with over 20 years work experience in senior position with a leading private sector bank. He lives in Lucknow. See contact details.

Dr. Ravikumar – Kerala State Contact

As a practitioner in the field, Dr. Ravikumar is privy to the negligence in the field of medicine in India. He is personally helping fight the case for a victim whose daughter died as a result of negligence. He is very involved in the cause and is very happy to take this role as the PBT state contact for Kerala. He lives in Cochin. See contact details.

Mr. Vivek Kishore – Volunteer, Website Management

Vivek is one of the early members of PBT and has been instrumental in upgrading the PBT website to a stable wordpress platform. Our online presence is critical because most people come to know of PBT by landing on our website as a result of a google search. He constantly works on projects to improve our web presence so that the site is a userful resource and helpful to everyone. He lives in Houston, TX. See contact details.

Mr. Jey – PBT Co-Ordinator

Jey got involved with PBT after his brother died due to medical negligence in August 2009. He works closely with Dr. Saha & others in expanding the footprint of the organization by evolving an organizational structure for PBT. He works on some of the core infrastructural issues for the organization so that PBT evolves to be a very effective support system for victims of medical negligence. He lives in Austin, TX. See contact details.

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