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NCDRC Awards Rs. 1.77 crore Against Kolkata Doctors for Anuradha’s death: Dr. Saha To Challenge The Judgment In the Supreme Court For Enhancement

The National Consumers Forum (NCDRC) has finally delivered a judgment in Anuradha Saha’s wrongful death case awarding a total of Rs. 1 crore 77 lakh 87 thousand 5 hundred rupees against three Kolkata doctors and AMRI hospital in Kolkata (see the judgment below).  While this is by far the highest compensation in a medical negligence case (previously SC awarded Rs. 1 crore in Mr. Dhananka’s case in 2009), the award is a tiny fraction of the more than Rs. 97 crore claimed by Dr. Kunal Saha, Anuradha’s husband.  Ironically, NCDRC has reduced about 25 lakh from the compensation because one other doctor (Dr. Abani Roychowdhury) who was also found guilty by the SC died last year during the pendency of this case in the NCDRC.  Even more shockingly, NCDRC has further reduced 10% for alleged interference by Dr. Saha in the treatment of his wife.  While the highest compensation in Indian history is likely to send a strong signal against the negligent doctors and hospitals in India, Dr. Saha has vouched to challenged this verdict in the Apex Court for enhancement of the compensation.

NCDRC Order (Oct. 21, 2011)

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