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Cancellation of Licence for Organ Transplantation from Fortis Hospital in Bangalore: PBT Welcomes the Decision and Demands Immediate Cancellation of Licences of the Guilty Doctors

In a historic decision against the influential corporate hospitals in India, government has canceled the licence of Fortis Hospital in Bangalore following the illicit transplantation of pancreas that eventually resulted in untimely death of Seema Rai, wife of Retd. Major Pankaj Rai (see the news link below).  Seema died in 2010 from “septic shock” following a botched up surgery by the Fortis Hospital doctors to transplant pancreas without even obtaining proper “consent” or explaining the risks involved to the patient or patient-party.  Major Rai, who is also a life member of the PBT, has since been fighting to find justice against the powerful doctors and Fortis Hospital.  PBT demands immediate cancellation of the licences of the doctors who were involved in this brazen incidence of medical negligence now that it has been established that they performed the organ transplantation with an ulterior motive without caring for the life of the innocent patient.

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